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Social Care

With the inspirations from the almighty God, the established in the year of 2017, to help the people of poorer community avail better education and livelihood as to transform their lives.

SOCIAL CARE FOUNDATION is a registered trust under Indian Trust Act, 1882 bearing registration number 263/56/2017 dt. 30/11/2017 that was established by a group of Social workers with the basic objective of serving as a change agent among the people at large in a positive direction retaining however all that is noble and wholesome in the time-honored tradition and valued-frame of our society, which is of course in a state of transition.

The Society has established one prime objective that is to put some efforts in the field of rural development through field based initiatives. So that we had initiated some activities in the developmental sectors like health, education, rural development, community development, environment and so on. For achieve the society’s objective, we had organized many programs for the development of rural areas with the help of individual donors as well as government department. Whenever we had organized such kind of the wonderful programs, we got best community support for implement any kind of the task. In our country there are many social problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, child labor, women exploitation etc. so Organization has focuses on the major social issues which exist in present scenario. So our Organization has working on that issues and try to provide them continues support and guidance to the community. Our Society has mainly focus on the overall development of the rural community. So that different kind of the programs is initiated by our organization for providing the solution of that kind f the problems. Our organization has by getting support from donor and community participation.

The Organization work with following key aspect: Empowering and mobilizing the communities here on issues of Child labor, atrocities, Child & women exploitation, Livelihood promotion ,natural resource management, Skill enhance training, education and Health Awareness, Capacity building and climate change their inclusion in the governance systems, etc. Build democratic participation in community and effective implementation.






Our organization is strived to raise the human and other resources to achieve the following objectives

# The society shall be to arrange for carrying out Research Humanities, Commerce, Education and Science, Management, Engineering, Medical, Social Science, Social work, by operating and conducting institutes and colleges.

# Establishment & maintenance of SHG, Play Group, Hindi Medium, Semi English, English Medium schools, Paramedical colleges, B.Ed College, Hotel Management College, Ayurvedic Medical Colleges study institutes, universities and other institutions for imparting education and training to students including “Proudh Education” also.

# Establishment & Maintenance of research centers in any branch of education or learning including research center, Counseling center or center which has/have as it/ their includes any activities for the extension or knowledge in the field or natural or applied science including engineering, technology, electrotherapy, radiology, bacteriology science of medical treatment under the different systems such as Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy Naturopathy etc. Or any other branch of modern, pure/applied science in its widest and comprehensive sense.

# Establishment and maintenance of Hostels and/or boarding houses and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students upon such terms and for such periods in each case as the members may think proper.

# To provide health services to people and cattle in the area.

# Awarding scholarship and fellowship on such terms and condition as the trustees may think fit for the purpose of the undertaking prosecuting and encouraging higher education and research work.

# Establishment & Development of health management information system, maintenance of health literature and health statistics for effective implementation of health programs.

# Establishment & Maintenance of training center for nurse, health, guides, birth attendants and dais.

# For the sake of women’s health and in order to their benefit to start women of child development plans. Environment to support various government schemes as like total nutrition, environmental projects,, vaccination, medicine plantation and herbal plantation & Research Centre.

# Grant of medical helps to the remand homes, homes for old age people, Shelter for orphans.

# Establishment and development and promotion of cultural, physical, social, moral and economical standards, activities including industrial development also.

# Distribution of food clothing and shelter either free or at concessional development also.

# Distribution of food clothing and shelter either free or at concessional rates or by providing subsides health management information, presentation programs.


  1. To take up women and children fair programme.
  2. To take up Bamboo Research & Tissue culture & Bamboo
  3. Related Programme (including seminar farmers training etc.)
  4. To take up Agriculture related programs / Schemes etc.
  5. To take up Environment& Forest related programme.
  6. To take up Food related programs.
  7. To take up Horticulture Promotion Services (including terms of reference

for Techno- economic Feasibility Study)

  1. Technology Development and Transfer for Promotion of Horticulture
  2. To take up low cost housing latrine.
  3. To start with thrift and credit programme.
  4. To five more awareness about the over population.
  5. To start income generation programme.
  6. To take up the natural regeneration of forests.
  7. To start with vocational trainings.
  1. To start handicrafts training programme.
  2. To take up health programme especially prevention of contagious,

diseases and AIDS.

  1. To take up urban base service (UBS) programme.
  2. To take up the food security programme.
  3. To conduct mobilization camps on human rights
  4. To take up consumer rights programme.
  5. To take up the Bio-diversity programme.
  6. To take up handicapped rehabilitation measures.
  7. To setting up computer training center.
  8. To take up integrated child development service scheme.
  9. To take up reproductive and child health service.
  10. To establish of human Resource Development training center.
  11. To establish a primary school, high school and colleges.
  12. To take up programme for adolescent girls.

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